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Mass Gatherings Permit

  1. Type of Activity
  2. Food
  3. Permission of Temporary Food Service Establishments*
  4. Vendors / Merchants*
  5. Temporary Vending Permit Information*
  6. Music Provided?*
  7. Audio / PA System Used?*
  8. Electricity Needed?*
  9. Fencing or Scaffolding Used?*
  10. Portable Toilets Needed?*
  11. Garbage Cans / Collection?*
  12. Propane / Gas / Liquid Use or Storage*
  13. Recycling*
  14. Admission Charged?*
  15. Temporary Stage Needed?*
  16. Tents / Pop Up Canopies?*
  17. Information About Tents and Pop Up Canopies*
  18. Temporary Structures?*
  19. Information About Temporary Structure*
  20. Parade Included?*
  21. Animals in Parade?*
  22. Beer Available?*
  23. Information About Beer Permits*
  24. Drawing or Raffle?*
  25. Fireworks / Fire Performance / Open Flame*
  26. Open to Public*
  27. Private Party?*
  28. Motion Picture / Video Shooting*
  29. Submission Information
    This form is for a Maury County Mass Gathering Permit. Submission of this form does not guarantee permit will be issued. Permit applications cannot be processed until the $25 permit fee is paid by the applicant, either in person or mailed. Please make all checks out to Maury County Government. If form is being mailed, please address to: Maury County Government 1 Public Square (Suite 200) Columbia, TN 38401
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