LEPC and Tier II Reports

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What is the LEPC?

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is an organization established within an Emergency Planning District under the guidance of the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC). LEPCs play a vital role in local hazardous materials planning and community right-to-know programs. Membership in the LEPC is drawn from the local community, ensuring a deep understanding of factors impacting public safety, the environment, and the local economy. This expertise is instrumental in guiding the development of the Local Emergency Response Plan, tailoring it to the specific needs of the planning district. LEPCs also serve as a central hub in the community for facilitating discussions related to hazardous substance emergency planning, health, and environmental risks.

LEPC Membership

The provisions of EPCRA at the federal level require that the following groups are represented on each LEPC:

  • Elected State and Local Officials
  • Emergency Services
  • Local Environmental Agencies
  • Hospital Representatives
  • Transportation Officials
  • Broadcast and Print Media 
  • Community Groups
  • Industry and Business Representatives

Does My Facility Need to Report?

Both state and federal regulations mandate that specific facilities located in Tennessee, which possess, utilize, or stockpile hazardous materials surpassing predefined thresholds, must engage in an annual registration and reporting process regarding their inventory of chemicals or compounds. This obligation is consistently fulfilled through the submission of a Tier II filing.

How do I file a Tier II report?

Click on the EPlan logo below to file a Tier II report:

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