Online Learning Resources

If you want to expand your knowledge, career field, or generally educate yourself about something you are interested in, the internet provides a wealth of free tools that will aid you in this pursuit. This page provides links to websites and organizations that provide you with free learning.

The Value of Online Education

Featured Online Education Resources

  • Goodwill Community Foundation Free Online Learning - Offers online learning classes that cover a multitude of topics
  • iTunes U - A resource provided to those who own a Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod. This is a free app with course offerings from major educational institutions.
  • Office Support - Microsoft Office Training tutorials for:
    • Excel
    • OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • Outlook
    • PowerPoint
    • Word
    • And More
  • Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) - Has test prep for all major standardized tests, including career test prep, and also provides access to Adult Learning. A resource for lots of valuable free information and education, all you have to do is create an account to use TEL
  • TypingWeb - A free website that offers lessons on how to type faster and learn to type

Online Resources For Improving Mouse Skills

  • Mouse Exercises - Lessons on how to place the mouse, click the mouse, drag and drop, and drawing with the mouse
  • Mouserecise - Fundamentals on how to use a computer mouse. Provides easy to follow exercise to improve mouse coordination

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's)

These are courses that are offered online and are free, there are several MOOC providers some are listed below.

  • Canvas - Open online learning for everyone.
  • Coursera - A social entrepreneurship company founded by computer science professors that offers various online courses
  • EdX - A Not-For-Profit combined with MIT and Harvard as partners which offers an array of online courses over varied topics
  • KhanAcademy -  A free online learning platform
  • Peer to Peer University (P2PU) - A non-profit online community based learning platform