Volunteer Program Tasks

  • Acting as Ushers for Library Programs
  • Assisting Circulation Staff
  • Assisting with Book Sales
  • Assisting with Children's Programs
  • Cleaning Videos
  • Dusting Bookshelves
  • Helping Discard Materials
  • Helping Patrons on Computers
  • Preparing Craft Materials
  • Preparing Outreach Materials
  • Searching for Books
  • Shelf-Reading
  • Shelving Books
  • Sorting Donated Materials
  • Sorting Donated Materials
  • Transporting Outreach Materials

We do not fulfill court-ordered community service hours. Volunteers must be at least 13 of age.

Become a Volunteer

If you are considering becoming a volunteer with the Maury County Public Library, you will be asked to read through the Volunteer Policy and Procedures Handbook (PDF). You will also be asked to sign a volunteer acknowledgment contract (PDF). If you do this, please print and sign the contract and bring it with you when you come to volunteer or email a copy to Caitlin Scroggins.