Help Your Library

How You Can Help Your Library

  • Attend local government meetings to urge county legislators to invest in the library as a vital community resource!
  • Buy our library a subscription to a magazine
  • Donate used books and videos to Student Club for book sale
  • Honor a friend or relative with a book for the library
  • Remember your library in your estate planning

How You Can Help Your Children’s Library

Wish List

Looking for a way to lend a helping hand and support your library? View the Wish List for our Children’s Department (PDF). You can help make our dreams for the community come true!

Need more information about the children’s wish list? Call 615-375-6500 to learn how you can aid the Children’s Library. 

New Facility

Our biggest wish is funding for a new library facility! We are rapidly outgrowing the space we have at our Columbia location. Our Mt. Pleasant location is very small; and as an older building, it is a constant maintenance issue.