Financial Management

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Financial Management assists the Budget Committee and County Commission in preserving and improving the sound financial condition of Maury County government through fiscally responsible budgeting practices, proper accounting of all financial transactions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and timely presentation of reliable financial information to decision makers.


  • Coordinate the preparation of the consolidated budget for Maury County government in accordance with applicable state law and best practices of governmental accounting.
  • Disseminate reliable financial information to the Budget Committee, County Commission, and Maury County citizens to promote informed financial decisions consistent with the expectations and demands of taxpayers.
  • Process and report financial transactions in accordance with applicable state law and accounting principles to ensure the integrity of financial data.

County Budgets

View county budgets from previous years or compare and contrast the current budget with recent years via the Maury County Digital Budget Book.

County Recognition

Maury County’s 2020-2021 fiscal year budget received an award from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury for its sound budgeting practices and timely completion of the budget process. Only sixteen counties received this designation from the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office.


County Policies

Annual/Monthly Financial Reports

View annual financial reports from previous years.

County Reports