Inmate Correspondences


Inmates housed in the Maury County Jail will be allowed the opportunity to send and receive mail through the United States Postal Service.

Inmates who have their own stamps, envelopes, writing paper and pencils can send as many letters as they have stamps for.

Inmates who are determined to be indigent by the commissary will be provided eight (8) stamped envelopes, writing paper and a pencil in their monthly indigent pack. Legal mail will be stamped and mailed as needed by the mail clerk.


Outgoing mail must be clearly marked in the upper left hand corner with a legible name, and the jail's address (1300 Lawson White Drive, Columbia, TN 38401). Any outgoing mail that does not have a complete return address will be rejected. AII outgoing mail shall be unsealed and clearly identified with sender's name. 

Outgoing legal mail may be sealed by the inmate prior to submitting to staff for mailing.

Inmates are prohibited from sending any letters:
a. that is threatening
b. that incites, aids or abets, or constitutes criminal activity or violations of departmental rules
c. that is, or contains evidence of criminal activity or violations of departmental rules.
d. that is in code or cipher
e. that would present a threat to the safety or security of the institution, its stall or inmates.
 f. to any person who the inmate has been advised does not wish to receive correspondence from them.


Effective February 1, 2021:

Paper mail will no longer be sent to inmates. All incoming mail, greeting cards and photos, if approved, will be scanned and sent to the inmate’s electronic mail account.

Incoming correspondence that is clearly marked as “legal mail” will continue to be opened in front of inmate addressee, screened for contraband and then given to that inmate.

Items considered contraband, and that will be rejected, include, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

Personal checks or cash

U.S. Stamps or stickers.

Stationery/envelopes/color paper/card stock/sketch paper.

Blank greeting cards, stationery or other blank paper will not be accepted. Magazines and newspapers.

Greeting cards larger than 5x8, or that are padded, musical, or laminated. Cards with non-paper parts will not be accepted (rhinestones, string, loam, glitter, etc.) Non-paper material. No item can be glued, taped, stapled, laminated or otherwise affixed to a page.

Food or clothing items.

Foreign and/or unidentifiable substances. Photographs will not be allowed.

Threats of physical harm against any person or threats of criminal activity. Threats of blackmail or extortion.

Plans to escape, or material that depicts or describes blueprints or operational details of the facility or of any correctional facility.

Information that, if communicated, would create a risk of violence and/or physical harm to any person.

No bodily fluids, including lipstick, or perfume spray

Material that threatens or is detrimental to the good order or discipline of the facility.

Plans for activities in violation of facility rules, or for criminal activity.

Correspondence that is in code. Gang-related material.

Inflammatory material or markings (advocating ridicule or scorn of any ethnic, racial, religious, or other group).


When any piece of incoming mail is rejected, a Mail Rejection Slip will be filled out by the Shift Supervisor (or a correctional officer designated by the Shift Supervisor) and given to the inmate addressee.


Inmates are issued a kiosk log-in number when they're booked into the jail. Inmates may log into the housing unit kiosks and follow instructions to send or receive email.

There will be a $.50 cent fee for each outgoing email.  Each email may receive an incoming email response without fee.

Email containing any photo attachments may be subject to additional fees as determined by the vendor. Photo attachments will require administrative approval before being released to the inmate. Attachments must comply with the following requirements:

Obscene or sexually explicit material, nude or semi-nude content will not be accepted.

Screenshots of conversations will not be allowed [screenshots containing only a photograph will be accepted if the photo is otherwise allowed). Pictures with alcoholic beverages will not be accepted.

Threats of blackmail, extortion or physical harm against any person or threats of criminal activity is prohibited

Plans to escape, or material that depicts or describes blueprints or operational details of the facility or of any correctional facility is not allowed. Information that, if communicated, would create a risk of violence and/or physical harm to any person will not be accepted.

Material that threatens or is detrimental to the good order or discipline of the facility will not be allowed.

Correspondence that is in code is not allowed

Gang-related material will not be accepted

Inflammatory material or markings (advocating ridicule or scorn of any ethnic, racial, religious, or other group) is not allowed.



Inmates will be allowed to receive books in the mail ONLY from national booksellers [e.g. Barnes Noble, Amazon, Books-a-Million, etc.) Books must by softcover, and be no larger than 9"x6" and 1-1/2" thick.

Inmates will be allowed reading material subject to restrictions consistent with jail security concerns. Literature MUST NOT promote or advocate racial or ethnic supremacy or purity, or attack any racial, religious or ethnic group; promote hale crime; jeopardize the security and order of the Maury County Jail, or violate federal/state law.